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SpruceShine is a neo-Garment Care launch pad that enables you to build your business in the Garment Care industry.

Our products that enable you to launch your Garment Care business

Shining Reseller's Pad

Setup your Garment Care business in under 1 minute, from the comfort of your home.

Shining Reseller’s Pad is a digital platform designed for resellers to enter SpruceShine’s Garment Care ecosystem and earn by leveraging our logistics and operational excellence.

Earn passive income by joining us as a Garment Care Entrepreneur

Shining InvestoPad

Invest in the future of the Garment Care Industry

Shining Investopad is a digital platform for retail investors that provides healthy returns on their debt investments in Garment Care machinery.

Expect upto 25% returns

Shining CapacityPad

Make the most of your existing Garment Care capacity.

With Shining CapacityPad, you can utilize your existing Garment Care capacity and supply chain to grow exponentially through the SpruceShine network.

Turn Downtime into Uptime

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